Versatile Creative | Dynamic Team Member | Motivated Leader | Creative Troubleshooter
Continuously Improving | Accountable | Sense of Urgency

PFL (, 2011- Present)
Designed logos, print and packaging materials for print customers
Conceived of and designed internal marketing and training materials
Created custom dies, foils, embosses
Advised clients on printing substrates, special effects, and packaging options
Color correction, photo manipulation & light illustration
Revamped internal design sales and customer management processes
Trained company sales teams how to sell graphic design
Managed heavy workloads and short deadlines
Multi-tasked between design and internal technical support

RAT (Research and Technical Services)
PFL (, 2011- Present)
Taught prepress teams troubleshooting skills for digital files for commercial offset and digital presses
Trained technical prepress skills and native design applications in intensive classes of 5-10
Wrote and trained curriculum on prepress, graphic design, job management, Adobe Creative Suite CS5-CC, Publisher, Word, and technical troubleshooting strategies
Wrote and implemented prepress training and continuing education courses for internal company continuing edcuation program
Wrote and maintained standard work document for technical prepress
Held PFL sales/tech teams accountable to prepress standards and quality prepress work
Wrote internal process for FSC certification and managed FSC certification approvals

Top sales person for over a year
Managed over $2 million in print sales as part of three person sales and technical prepress team
Maintained and grew customer accounts via phone and email
Prepared and troubleshot digital files for commercial offset and digital presses

Platforms: Mac OS, Windows 7/8
Software: Adobe Creative Suite CC (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat);
MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook); QuarkXpress; CorelDraw; Pages;
Extensis, PDF Password Cracker; Camtasia; Articulate

Verbal and Written Communication
Project, Job & Client Management
Team Player/Collaboration
Training Curriculum Development & Execution
Project Management
Time Management
Mailing regulations for print materials
Custom Dies & Packaging

B.A., University of Montana, summa cum laude, 1996
Double major English Literature/Poetry, French
12 Years on-the-job Prepress and Graphic Design Training

(and personality not found on resume…)

I am a ex-farmgirl, a constant creative, pragmatic print consultant, award-winning poet,  jewelry maker, small dog wrangler and a let’s-make-it-look-wild landscaper.

My diverse work/life experience –from raking fields on expat German hippy farms in New Zealand to park rangering in remote Utah canyons; from hummus making in Alaska to counting water tinajas on the Texas/Mexico border– took me North, South and around the world before coming home to roost in this Montana train town on the banks of that famous river under those famous Big Skies…

The beauty of the world and a lifelong practice of, and appreciation for, Art and Craft coalesced into a multi-hat career as graphic designer, print consultant, technical mentor and sometime writer. I like to keep a good number of hats on the rack, as this is the windiest town in the West and it’s good to be prepared for anything…

The unique Exit 330 toolbox includes:

  • An innate ability to design to the heart of clients’ passion and vision
  • Twelve years print and mailing industry experience
  • 20 years of making jewelry in numerous forms
  • 3 circular saws, 15 screwdrivers and numerous colored pens
  • Professional, deadline killing, let’s-get-this-done-right gusto
  • Writing and editing chops
  • Ideas!  …and other creative wild cards (not the draw-four kind)
  • WD40, vinegar and duct tape
  • An amazing set of wheelbarrow maneuvering techniques
  • A fine network of other industry folk